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Amalie Skov Bjørnsen

Amalie Skov Bjørnsen

Amalie is a public health student from the cold North, but not much of a Viking, she decided to specialize in global health. She is currently on her last year of the master degree at Copenhagen University. She joined UAEM Denmark in 2017, starting out with a wonderful group of dedicated UAEMers. She strongly believes that health equality is a fundamental human right. Amalie has primarily specialized in inequality in health among women and/or migrants focusing respectively on diabetes and sexual and reproductive health. In this context, she gained experience with both the theoretical aspect of advocacy strategies and practical experience in improvement of access to the HPV vaccine, which has been the motivation for engaging with UAEM Europe’s Coordinating Committee.

Mona Irina Dragan

Mona Irina Dragan

Bucharest-born Mona is currently a 4th year student in medicine at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Craiova, Romania.

Mona joined UAEM after attending the Maastricht 2018 Conference and decided to run for a position with the European Cordinating Committee not long after. Realizing the inequities concerning the pharmaceutical industry and access to medicines, Mona is highly motivated to pursue UAEMs goals, with a main focus on neglected diseases. Mona speaks Romanian and fluent English and has intermediate knowledge of Italian and French.

Ilka Grewe

Ilka is a 4th year medical student based in Hamburg and is currently working on her doctoral thesis in a research lab in the field of hepatology and immunology. During clinical rotations in Ghana, she faced lack of access to medicines herself. This motivated her to advocate for affordable health for everyone. She joined UAEM in 2016 and with her chapter, she is currently involved in establishing an open science network at her university for early drug discovery for a neglected tropical disease. Ilka works at MSF (Medécines Sans Frontières) campaigns and is interested in humanitarian aid. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, sailing, (wind)surfing – basically everything connected to water.

Solveig Kemna

Solveig is a 5th year medical student based in Freiburg, Germany. She joined UAEM in 2017 and is particularly interested in patent legislation, licensing and transparency in the R&D process. It is her first term as a member of the ECC. Apart from her work with UAEM, she is a passionate Ultimate Frisbee player.

Anna Peiris

Anna has recently graduated from her degree in Biomedical Science at University College London. She has been involved in UAEM since 2015, where she has worked as a chapter coordinator, and most recently the U.K. National Coordinator. She joined the European Coordinating Committee to strengthen the support for European chapters in fighting for equitable access to medicines, particularly in advocating for socially responsible licensing at universities and local research institutions. Anna is also passionate about climate change and feminism, and in her spare time loves to play guitar, salsa dance and practice her Spanish!

Sabrina Wimmer

Sabrina is a medical student soon to be in her 5th year at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands and is serving her second term in the ECC. She joined UAEM in 2014 and has previously helped establishing the Empowerment Committee (EmCom) and been involved with local and national advocacy. Her interests are in health policy and health care financing, particularly transparency of R&D, pricing of medicines and equitable access to healthcare. Beyond UAEM, she enjoys learning languages, experimenting with cooking, learning how to windsurf and exploring nature.

Christoph Wippel

Christoph is a final year medical student at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria. His clinical training took him to Paris, Montréal, Philadelphia and London, which gave him insights into how healthcare is delivered in different parts of the world. Christoph started with UAEM at his local chapter with a small, yet dedicated group and will serve his first term with the ECC. He is very passionate about Global Health Equity and International Development and how it goes hand in hand with access to medicines. During his work with a local developmental aid NGO in Kolkata, India, he experienced first-hand what a lack of essential medicines really means for people affected by this crisis. Starting October, he will relocate to Copenhagen for an internship at the WHO to work on Sustainable Development Goals, after which he plans to do a master’s program in Global Health and continue the fight for access to medicines as a career.

Matt Roberts

European Empowerment Committee (EmCom)

Maja Sofie Gaardsvig

Maja Sofie Gaardsvig

Maja Sofie is a third-year law student at Aarhus University in Denmark. Through her law-studies she wishes to improve what should be basic rights for everyone across the world, which is also why she joined UAEM Europe in mid-2017. Maja has recently joined the Empowerment Committee for a first term. Next to her studies and UAEM, Maja is also involved with student politics at Aarhus University through different student political organisations and keeps herself busy with projects of all kinds.

Magali Heijkoop

Magali Heijkoop

Magali is a 4th-year Pharmacy student at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. She joined UAEM Europe in early 2016, and was inspired to join the Empowerment Committee after attending the 2017 European conference in Aarhus. This is her 2nd year with EmCom.

Magali joined UAEM because she believes that one’s ideals should reflect one’s actions, and because being with UAEM brings a valuable perspective to her studies. In her spare time, Magali likes to travel, read, cook for friends and family or go on a forest run.

Cecilie Kingston

Cecilie Kingston

Cecilie is a 2nd-year medical student at the University of Oslo. Her interest in scientific research and global health led her to UAEM in 2017. She was inspired to join the Empowerment Committee after the 2018 European Conference in Maastricht. With EmCom and UAEM, she looks forward to learning even more, and to hopefully play a greater part in tackling the problems related to access to medicines worldwide. In her free time she enjoys photography, spending time with friends and family, or a cup of coffee with a good book!

Tamara König

Tamara König

Tamara is a 4th-year medical student in Leipzig, Germany. She has just finished her Bachelor in Global Health in Bristol, where she gained an increased understanding of worldwide inequalities in health care and access to medicines. The wish to defend healthcare for everyone as a basic human right inspired her to join UAEM and to really have an impact on what is going on. Tamara is passionate about basketball, likes to hike every now and then, enjoys the beautiful parks and lakes of Leipzig and loves camping.

Adrienne Lee

Adrienne is a junior doctor in UK and it is her 2nd year on the Empowerment Committee. She joined UAEM because she has seen the effects of patents on medicines affecting the care of patients first hand in different parts of the world. She is a certified peer trainer and hopes to use her skills to enable UAEMers to utilise UAEM Europe’s platform to stand up against the social injustice we see in society today. In her free time, she loves travelling, playing sports and learning new things. And of course enjoying a nice cup of coffee!

Romain Rioult

Romain is a horticultural and landscape engineer, having graduated from a specialized engineer school, and has worked in designing specialized gardens for healthcare facilities. He firmly believes that democratic development and access to healthcare are inseparable. After a master in Health Geography and Epidemiology, he now works for a specialized healthcare network related to a hospital resources centre in the Parisian region. His work aims to provide public authorities and professionals with a better vision of the spatial specifics of medical treatment. By working with all the inspiring people in UAEM Europe, he is interested in helping people gain the necessary confidence to become advocates for change by fostering new relationships and strengthening programs to see the impact we can have as a student organization. His main interests revolve around how investment is directed towards infectious diseases, neglected diseases worldwide, “delinkage” with biomedical R&D and publications of clinical trials and university research.

Jessica Schepis-Martinez

Jessica is starting her European Masters in Health Economics and Management, after having finished her Bachelors in International Relations in Geneva. Jessica is interested in health governance, where she believes she has a role to play. Her interests in politics and global health are what led her to join UAEM in late 2016 during Access to Medicines week. She recently joined the Empowerment Committee for a first term. In her free time, she likes traveling, dancing salsa, swimming and reading.

Tjada Schult

Tjada Schult, 22 years old, born in Berlin is a 3rd-year (6th semester) medical student with a special interest in tropical medicine and infectious diseases. In 2014/2015, she spent one year in Togo (West Africa) and this year she went to Kenya for an internship in a hospital near Mombasa. She has been a member of UAEM since her first semester at Charité. Besides medicine, she loves all kinds of sports and her two cats.

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