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European Coordinating Committee (ECC)

Nina Le Dous

Nina Le Dous

Nina was born and is based in Copenhagen. She studies medicine, and she’s been active with UAEM since 2013, starting like most do in UAEM – with a local group of dedicated student activists on campus, and a strong sense of calling. Nina’s on her second term on the European Coordinating Committee, working with global access to medicines and medical research, and research for the highest benefit of patients. Nina enjoys the political, as well as the academic and student engaging parts of the job. When taking a break, Nina prefers beautiful books, quality beer, sensible politicians, empathetic people, and anything related to oceans and vast horizons.

Manuel Martin

Manuel Martin

Manuel is a fifth year medical student at Imperial College London and spent the last year doing a BSc in Global Health. He has been a member of UAEM since 2013 and is the co-lead of the Imperial Chapter, UK Empowerment lead and served on the organising committee of the 2015 European Conference. On the ECC, Manuel is involved with Access to Medicines week, the R&D campaign and the UK report card project. In his free time, he likes to travel, ski, play capoeira and convince strangers that the R&D system needs to change.



Julia is a final year biomedical sciences student at University College London. She joined UAEM two years ago and has been the UCL chapter’s lead for the past year. During this time, she has been involved with the organisation of the European Annual Conference in London and with AIM (Access&Innovation Movement). As part of the European coordinating committee, she is excited to be working on the Alternative R&D System campaign.

Anne Jorgensen

Anne is a 6th year medical student from Copenhagen, who has been involved with UAEM since 2014. She has been Chair of the European Empowerment Committee 2015/2016 and recently joined the European Co-ordinating Committee. Other than fighting for access to medicines, she enjoys hiking in the Alps, kayaking in the channels of Copenhagen and discussing political issues with her flatmates.

Keith Asselborn

Keith was born in Luxembourg and is currently doing his 3rd year medical studies in Vienna, where he became active with UAEM in 2015. Starting out locally with a lovely dedicated group, he quickly caught the international wind and has been working on social media and communications within the UAEM Global R&D Campaign. As a new member of the ECC, he is enjoying the fight for access and innovation in medicine. In his free time, Keith takes pleasure in running and convincing people of evidence-based medicine.

Sebastian Schönherr

Sebastian is a third year medical student from Münster University (Germany). Sebastian has been a UAEM member since 2014. As a founding member of the Münster 2.0 Chapter he was initially mainly engaged in local matters like building up the chapter and organizing a German conference. As part of the social media team of the R&D campaign and through the last European conference, he became more involved in the UAEM activities on an international level. Sebastian spent the past semester abroad, enjoying internships and leisure in the south and west of Africa, thereby getting an impression of the medical “access gap” from close up and getting to know different healthcare systems, as well as their struggles. In his free time Sebastian plays cello in an orchestra, sketches little UAEM videos and enjoys different sorts of art as well as (hitch-)hiking and biking tours.

Marius Ludwig

Marius is a 3rd year medical Student at Westfälische-Wilhelms-University in Münster. He has been a part of UAEM since 2015, mostly involved in Social Media and local chapter work. He recently joined the European Coordinating Commitee. As an ECC member, he is continuing to look into Social Media communications as well as working on the topic of Global Access Licensing. In his free time he is an enthusiast musician, photographer and keeps telling all the people he meets about UAEM and how the ultimate goal of access to medicines could be reached.

Kavian Kulasabanathan

A proud Swedish-born Tamil, who lived in Oslo before settling in London for the last 17 years, Kavian is a 5th medical student at Imperial College London. Courted by UAEM at the UK National Training weekend, Kavian fell in love with the organisation at the European Conference 2016 in Berlin, and jumped in at the deep-end as an ECC member. In particular, his interests lie in the open access paradigm and alternative R&D mechanisms, as well as the space of creative activism. Beyond the access to medicines struggle, Kavian’s particular passions include anthropology, Russian (and all!) literature and, of course, the beautiful game.

Peter Grabitz

Peter tends to think he is almost done with med school. In fact he still has about 2 years to go before graduating from Charité Berlin. He comes from Halle an der Saale (the place where Georg Friedrich Händel was born), thinks table tennis players are respected sportsmen (because he is one himself) and loves to do Origami. Be aware: If you ask him about where to publish research, you may very well end up in an emotional discussion about access to knowledge!

European Empowerment Committee (EmCom)

Catuxa Maiz

Catuxa Maiz

Catuxa is a 5th year medical student, born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. She started her journey with UAEM not long ago when she attended the European Conference in Londin and later on, the Berlin Training Camp. She’s been attempting ever since to create and establish a chapter in Barcelona. She’s part of the Education team within the Empowerment Committee.
She has been a soft skills trainer since 2012 and has been engaged in developing leadership in NGOs through empowering and training their members. She truly believes that everybody has an incredible potential to unleash; and is passionate about discovering ways to make that happen.

Chris Redd

Chris Redd

Chris lives in Falmouth, UK where he is attempting to finish medical school. He has been involved with UAEM since 2013, an experience that has been one of the most transformative of his life. An Executive Board member for two consecutive years, Chris has worked on numerous policy submissions, spoken at events, joined protests, and been part of the team organising the annual European Conference. He works on Communication and Recruitment in the Empowerment Committee.

In his spare time he likes to try and learn things. At the moment, he is focussing on: cooking, ultimate frisbee, french, politics, and surfing.

Jonas Ort

Jonas Ort

Jonas is a 4th year medical student at RWTH Aachen University, Germany. He became involved with UAEM in 2014 when founding the UAEM Aachen chapter and has been coordinating that chapter ever since. He is part of the Empowerment Committee’s working group on communications.

In addition to his studies in medicine, he tries to travel as much as possible and loves spending his time with music (making & listening), as well as friends.

Sabrina Wimmer

Sabrina Wimmer

Sabrina is a 3rd year medical student at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, and has been involved with UAEM for about one year. Ever since, she has been trying to raise awareness about the issues regarding access to medicines and within the Empowerment Committee, she is working on Recruitment. In her free time, Sabrina enjoys cooking, reading and travelling, and has spent six months in Ecuador doing voluntary work.

Sara Pereira

Sara is a 4th year medical student in Lausanne, Switzerland. She became involved with UAEM in 2014 during the Access to Medicines Week. She has been a member of the Empowerment Committee since 2015, after having heard about it at the French Conference in Bordeaux. She found in the EmCom a motivating way to help people develop their own knowledge and their chapter, developing her own knowledge at the same time and living the UAEM experience more deeply.

In her free time, she loves to hike and discover beautiful landscapes. She also enjoys cooking and trying new recipes.

Solveig Brochmann

Solveig is a second year medical student at the University of Oslo, Norway. She joined UAEM in 2015, and was inspired to do more for the organisation after attending the European Conference in Berlin in 2016. In her free time she likes to travel, read and play the guitar.

Luanna Karvig

Luanna is a 4th year medical student at the University of Aarhus. She has been involved in the local chapter since it was officially formed in 2013, and was the first local activity leader here. After travelling abroad, she returned to join the EmCom after the European Conference in 2016, where she is especially interested in communication and education.
On the side she is really into watercoloring, planting tons of different plants in a tiny dorm room, and especially play capoeira and music.

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