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Contact: Ravendra Naidoo and Stephanie Wepryk

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Chapter location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Chapter Interests: Developing more effective student activists through collaboration with Make Poverty History Edmonton. Building a culture and identity around neglected disease and global health-related research on campus. Educating the University of Alberta community, and by extension all Albertans, on access-to-medicines and other UAEM issues. Helping to build and sustain a UAEM chapter at the University of Calgary. Strengthening UAEM Canada through resource-sharing and support.

Current Projects: Alberta Neglected Diseases Research Fund, with potential collaboration with the UofA Biomedical Global Health Research Network. Building the “Drugs for the Developing World” course at the UofA. Establishing a biannual ‘Global Access to Innovation’ meeting between student and faculty representatives, the University of Alberta, and TEC Edmonton. Ongoing promotion of access-to-medicines and other UAEM issues on campus.

UAEM Alumni/ Chapter Advisors: April Cheng, Ravendra Naidoo

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