With chapters in more than 18 countries across the world, UAEM students work to influence policies at universities in order to ensure that products of biomedical research and development are made available to and affordable for people in low- and middle-income countries.

The current biomedical Research and Development (R&D) system serves profits over people. Despite the global crisis of high drug prices, R&D investments continue to focus on medicines that can be sold at high prices leaving much needed medicines undeveloped and existing lifesaving medicines often too expensive for those who need them most.

In the last 15 years, various R&D initiatives have appeared in response to this failure. Some offer true alternative models for biomedical R&D driven by health needs, while others continue with business as usual. UAEM’s RE:Route mapping provides a qualitative review of the alternative biomedical R&D initiatives around the world that are active or proposed. While this mapping covers a significant number of potential alternatives, it is evident that the need for fundamental change is as urgent as ever and universities can play a key role. Join us in bringing this dialogue forward!



The Knowledge Stewardship Campaign

The Alternative R&D Campaign

Take Back our Meds! Campaign – America, we have a drug problem!

Global Access Licensing Campaigns: Report Cards Campaigns & others

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