Global Call to Action for the TBOM! Campaign

We call on the next President of the United States to:

  • Make medicines accessible and affordable for all by pledging to ensure that new medicines invented with U.S. taxpayer funds are available off-patent in low- and middle-income countries, and also are no more expensive in the U.S. than the median price charged in other high-income countries.
  • Set clear guidelines for triggering the government’s existing rights to intervene or remove exclusive monopolies from pharmaceutical corporations that charge unreasonable prices for publicly-funded medications.

We demand a better, fairer return on our public investment. At a time of spiraling health costs, dangerous outbreaks, and continuous price-gouging scandals, millions of lives are in the balance.

We call on the next president to implement these two simple, yet enormously impactful strategies in the first months of their term.

Please sign and circulate. Join the campaign to take back our meds!


Global Call to Action: Take Back Our Meds! Campaign

Please provide your information if you would like to sign on to our Global Call to Action for UAEM's Take Back Our Meds! Campaign and spread the word. Together, we can ensure that medicines invented on the U.S. taxpayers' dime are affordable for all.
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