Goal 3, of our Vision, Mission, and Values statement reads:

“UAEM aims to empower students to respond to the access and innovation crisis.”
“Students are uniquely positioned to push for normative change in their universities and research institutions. We will use the intellectual sophistication, rigor and integrity of our members to fight for increased innovation as well as access to medicines and health-related technologies for all.”

Our belief in the transformative power of individuals, researchers and students a-like, is central to UAEM’s identity. In UAEM, empowerment signifies the process by which our activists become emancipated and autonomous which makes them able to effect unjust and immoral political systems. It is an overarching philosophy behind our work, and it explains why we are student lead. We encourage our members to think, and act, critically. In so doing, we learn specific skills from speaking to politicians to editing websites but we also become aware of our own power to change the world around us. While this theory of empowerment underpins much of our organisational structure and action, our student members conduct particular activities that focus on empowering the network. These include large conferences, more intimate trainings and workshops, recruitment events, as well as evaluating our communication strategies, and the resources we provide to our members.



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