The Trans-Pacific Partnership Campaign (Stop the TPP!)

The proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a so-called “free trade” agreement between the United States and 10 other Pacific Rim countries across Asia and the Americas. Negotiations have now ended and the final content of the agreement has been made public as countries enter into voting to ratify the TPP. Click here for UAEM’s full statement on the TPP.   UAEM members from the U.S., Canada, and Australia are advocating for involved governments to stop the TPP, along with a coalition of concerned allies, because this agreement, which was negotiated behind closed doors, would significantly restrict access to affordable medicines worldwide. The TPP would extend monopoly protections for medicines rather than lowering intellectual property (IP) barriers, allowing pharmaceutical corporations to maintain extortionate prices for even longer than they already can and do by preventing generic competition from taking place for an extended period.   For more details on the consequences to global health of the intellectual property rights put forth in the TPP, read The High Health Costs of TPP’s “FreeTrade”, by Joseph Stiglitz, an expert on health and trade, who has also signed-on to UAEM’s academic letter in support of our Global R&D Campaign.

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