Register a Chapter

Chapter Registration

Ready for an awesome year of global health advocacy on your campus?! Please fill out the information below for your chapter (whether you are new to the cause or a veteran of the effort) in order to become a part of the UAEM network. Thank you for joining!

Chapter Requirements

Chapters must agree to accept the spirit of the Philadelphia Consensus Statement and carry out the mission and vision of UAEM. They cannot take actions or accept funding that compromises this mission; if you are concerned that an activity or funding source may run contrary to the UAEM mission please contact the Coordinating Committee in advance. The UAEM Coordinating Committee must reserve the right to retract membership from those who compromise UAEM’s mission. (That may sound a bit stuffy but we just want everyone to have similar goals in mind. Don’t forget that the Coordinating Committee is here to support your efforts and to serve as a resource!)